Private Viewing Rooms

Mourn for your loved one in a spacious and comfortable setting

Private Viewing Rooms

Oliver Curtis & Sons Funeral Directors have private viewing rooms for family and friends of the deceased to spend time in and to say their goodbyes privately.

Our viewing rooms allow families to support one another in their grief and to spend as much time with their deceased loved one as they would like. The body is present is present in an open casket or coffin, allowing you and others to acknowledge their death and to say goodbye.

Spending time with your deceased loved one can be a very important step in the grieving process as it helps the bereaved face the reality of death while also allowing for quiet time to reflect.

Oliver Curtis & Sons Funeral Directors recommends mourners host viewings a few days in advance of the funeral in order to benefit from the viewing.

We understand hosting a viewing in your family home is not always possible due to a lack of space or for health and safety reasons. To support you in this difficult and emotional time, our on-site facilities are always available to you and your family.

Do you require a private viewing room for family and friends to visit?